The stuff here is mostly related to how I make my living, and a sort of hobby. If you want an answer to the question, ``what do you do,'' please read every word on this page and then fucking drop the issue, because I don't like discussing it particularly with people who know nothing else about me.

Some people give the impression of thinking the purpose of my life to make a mark upon the world, through really excellent system administration I suppose. I don't understand how someone could hold such a ridiculous idea. Does it make you feel better to think I have a ``passion'' for fixing your broken Outlook .PST files? fuck off. seriously.

However we do need to communicate with each other, and take some positions on issues, so we need pages like this, and since I've written it I suppose it'll be associated with my ``identity'' somehow. Please try to keep it in context, though, and don't make up little capitalist fanfic about my life to make yourself feel better. TIA.

Ok. There are five sections:

At best, I've found people usually read about a third of an article, then post a link to it from their blog saying ``He has some good points.'' It's hard to get through an entire rant. There's still something wrong with my writing style. Sorry for that.

Keep moving, or else.
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