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The best way for people reading my web page to talk to me is to email <carton@Ivy.NET>. This address will probably work for a very long time. Don't send HTML mail, because I won't read that unless your name is Cassandra.

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They don't feel a thing there, Cam thought, looking at the shore, which, 
rising and falling, became steadily more distant and more peaceful.  Her 
hand cut a trail in the sea, as her mind made the green swirls and 
streaks into patterns and, numbed and shrouded, wandered in imagination 
in that underworld of waters where the pearls stuck in clusters to white 
sprays, where in the green light a change came over one's entire mind and 
one's body shone half transparent enveloped in a green cloak.

Just wirld beat, Komunikashion! / Ameni utarenagara.
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